Engineering & Facility Services

Did you know? A typical refrigeration system in one of our facilities has the cooling power of more than 12,000 domestic refrigerators!

Americold's Operations

At the center of our operations are state-of-the art refrigeration systems keeping a billion cubic feet of warehouse space at constant cold temperatures and a fleet of more than 4400 material handling equipment vehicles shuttling inventory throughout our facilities. And to ensure safe and efficient operations of all of this equipment we have a network of dedicated facility services managers (FSMs) and technicians committed to upholding Americold’s Maintenance Excellence focus area of the Americold Operating System.

Americold’s Maintenance Excellence focus area is based on 6 principle beliefs:

  • Ongoing engagement and development of associates and leaders
  • Maintenance of safe, operational refrigeration systems
  • Ensuring high reliability of processes and systems
  • Achieving optimum operating costs
  • Reducing energy intensity, measured as kWh/CWT Year-Over-Year within 5 years
  • Holding energy consumption flat Year-Over-Year

SAP Planned Maintenance

Our integrated SAP Planned Maintenance platform harnesses use and service data to drive maintenance management significantly more efficiently than more manual processes, resulting in optimum service intervals, more complete resource utilization, and overall safer and more economical facility operations.

Facility Service Mangers (FSM)

Our FSMs attend industry-recognized technical training, including refrigeration and engineering technical association (RETA) training courses. You can learn more about our Facility Service Managers below:

Your Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain

Together with our maintenance management team and local crews, we ensure our cold rooms maintain constant environments and our handling fleet operates safely and efficiently as part of your temperature-controlled supply chain.